Our Prices Are Dirt Cheap

Use Livingston & Huntsville, TX's favorite dirt supplier

If you're getting ready to start a landscape or construction project, but you're not sure where to buy dirt, Vickery Dirt can help. Based in Livingston, TX, we service the Lake Livingston area. We have over two decades of experience as a dirt supplier, limestone supplier, and excavation work. We can deliver a variety of materials to your property in a flash. Our services include driveways, house pads, dozer work, land clearing, and more!

Whether you need a single load of dirt or a 150-load house pad, we can help. We've earned a reputation for our high quality of work and stellar customer service. Call today to get a free estimate.

Dirt delivery done right

The prices at Vickery Dirt may be low, but you can expect five-star customer service and efficient deliveries. Without our customers, we don't have a business, so we'll always respect you and your time.

We deliver a variety of different materials

  • Topsoil
  • Clay
  • Sand
  • Roadbase
  • Rock
  • Gravel
  • Compost
  • And more!


We assure you that you won't be disappointed and we look forward to your business.


How Vickery Dirt started

Brandy Vickery started his business, Vickery Dirt, in 1998 as a part-time job, hauling a load of dirt here and there on weekends and afternoons to make extra money.

As the years passed, Brandy established a business based on good, honest service and fair prices. His services have expanded to include dozer work, driveways, house pads, track hoe work, tractor work, land clearing, pond building, and much more.

Vickery Dirt meets or beats most prices in the East Texas area.  

In 2010 Brandy started Vickery Propane to help out during the slow winter months.